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成本 和 金融援助

新皇冠体育 大学 believes that a world-class education should be available to every admitted student who wants to attend, regardless of financial need. 更多的 than 83 percent of our students receive aid—the majority of it in the form of 奖助金 和 奖学金 that do not have to be repaid.

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成本 of Attendance

Check out detailed information on the cost of attendance for 新皇冠体育 大学 undergraduates, graduates 和 international students.

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Paying for college should be manageable for students at every income level. 新皇冠体育 大学 has 奖助金, 奖学金, 贷款special programs that can be tailored to meet individual needs. 支持 is even available for summer 和 study abroad programs. We’ll help you find the aid that works for you.

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应用 for 金融援助

You’ve invested your future in 新皇冠体育 大学, so apply for the financial aid you need to make that investment pay off.

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The Office of 金融援助 和 Scholarship Programs works for you. Our goal is to make the financial aid process as simple 和 transparent as possible, so please share your questions 和 concerns with us.

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Remember Dates 和 Deadlines!

If you’re applying for financial aid, review the required applications 和 due dates. In order to be considered for aid, you must file all of your application materials by the specified dates.


During the 2019-20 academic year, approximately 80 percent of 新皇冠体育 大学 students received some form of financial support totaling more than $414 million. The single largest form of financial aid was more than $295 million awarded to students in the form of 新皇冠体育 大学 奖助金 和 奖学金.

Portrait of Azarius Williams

诚实, I didn’t envision myself pursuing higher education because I thought it wasn’t financially feasible. From a very young age, I had to take responsibility. My leadership skills were born out of a necessity to survive 和 change my circumstances.


—Azarius Williams ’20, Posse Scholar, Our Time Has Come Scholar, Ronald E. McNair Scholar, Remembrance Scholar